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Derwenlas School 6
Diseases at Derwenlas 

  The dangers of epidemics
The early years of the village school at Derwenlas were often seriously affected by the spread of diseases throughout the community. Some examples from the School Log Books are shown on this page. 
  School log book extract 
  This note in the log book is from 14th January 1881, and reads:
"Whooping cough is very prevalent in the district, causing very irregular attendance amongst the Infants."

 Derwenlas School
Log Books

County Archives

School log book extract 
  The entry above is from later the same year, 24th June 1881, and reads:
"The attendance has been better this week than last: many schools in other districts have been closed owing to scarlet fever in their neighbourhoods. This district is exceptionally free from the disease. Average attendance this week 71.3." [percentage]  
  School log book extract 

The very dramatically coloured entry shown here marks the closure of the school for four successive weeks in October and November, 1891 "owing to the prevalence of measles in the village".

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