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  The Hiring Fair
The entry below from the Log Books of Derwenlas School contains a reference to the long established practice in rural areas of the 'Hiring Fair', which was a marketplace at which local farmers would recruit workers for the coming year.
It was a very rigid form of contract which bound the employee to stay in the job almost regardless of the treatment received.
  School log book extract
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This extract was recorded on 5th April 1887, and reads:
"Hiring fair is held in Machynlleth today. Several are gone ..."

Another reference to school leavers is shown below, with two boys going to work on farms and a third pupil, probably a girl, going 'into service'. It also notes that pupils were legally allowed to leave school at the age of 14 at this time.

Derwenlas School
Log Books

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School log book extract 

This extract from 19th May 1881 reads as follows:
"Three scholars have left the school this week for full-time employment one having gone to Barmouth into service, another has been employed by a farmer in the neighbourhood, and the third has gone to work at a farm at Aberdovey. They are each legally exempt from attendance at school having attained the age viz: 14 required by the Bye-laws of the district."

On the topic of prospects for school leavers it is of interest to note that the arrival of new maps from the Canadian Government Emigration Agent seems to have been a regular event in later years at Derwenlas, as at many other rural schools of Powys.

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