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Derwenlas School 19
Keeping up with the times

  Music and lights
The entries in the Derwenlas School Log Books over the years record small advances in the levels of equipment held by the school.
The arrival of a wind-up gramophone in 1924 must have caused great excitement, because earlier entries in the log book had mentioned progress in saving up the money needed.
  School log book entry 

This extract, from 22nd February 1924, reads:
"The gramophone arrived today: Total cost - £8. 10s."

The log books also show that electric lights were not installed in the school until the relatively late date of 1949, as shown here. 

Derwenlas School
Log Books

County Archives

School log book entry 

This entry was recorded on 6th September 1949, and reads:
"During the holidays the school has been redecorated inside, the electric light installed in classrooms and canteen." 

More new technology was to arrive at the school in 1954, to improve their links with the wider world.

  School log book entry 

On 25th November 1954 the log book notes that:
"A new radio set was received at the school this afternoon. The reception is very good." 

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