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Derwenlas School 14
The Second World War 

  The arrival of the evacuees
World events were to impact again upon the little village school of Derwenlas after the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939. Like many schools in relatively safe rural areas away from the risk of bombing, they were to receive extra pupils who had been evacuated from more vulnerable areas of Britain.
The School Log Books include a number of references to these temporary visitors in their midst.

Derwenlas School
Log Books

County Archives

School log book extract 

This entry was made,very soon after the declaration of war, on 11th September 1939 and reads:
"Re-opened school today after being notified of another week's closure owing to the crises and the evacuation of children. The main room has been given over to the evacuees under two lady teachers." 

A later entry, on July 10th 1944, is of interest in that it includes the names and the home districts of two of the evacuees taken in by Derwenlas School during the course of the war: "Today I re-admitted Gerald Rose an evacuee from London. I also admitted Joan Charman an evacuee from Dorking".

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