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Derwenlas School 3
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The school submerged
A brief but alarming entry from the Derwenlas School Log Books noted on12th November 1929 gave a brief hint of disasters to come with the comment "The school has been under water during the night".

A more detailed account was recorded in early December, 1960, when the school was flooded to a depth of over 4 feet, as shown here. 

 Derwenlas School
Log Books

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School log book entry   
  School log book entry 

The extracts here were noted on 5th December, 1960 and read as follows:
"After a night of heavy rain the river Dyfi broke its banks, on the 3rd of Dec[ember]- ballast was washed away from the railway embankment and the school was flooded to a depth of over 4 ft. When the children arrived this morning they had to be sent home, as all their desks had been under water... A disaster of this kind has never been known to have happened before, in living memory."

This was to be the last entry in that particular log book, as it was damaged in the flood. But worse was to come in 1964, as shown on the next page.

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