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A royal occasion in 1923 

  The children put the flags out
A cause of great excitement for the children of the village school at Derwenlas in 1923 is recorded in the School Log Book for that year. This was a visit to the area by the Prince of Wales and his retinue.

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These extracts from the log book of Derwenlas School for October 31st, 1923 read as follows:
"This morning, the older children lent a hand at decorating with streamers the road by the school and placing banners with the following on. "God bless our Prince" and "A warm welcome from the children of Derwenlas". At 10.30 am all the children armed with a flag each, were lined along the road-side eagerly awaiting the coming of HRH The Prince of Wales. His approach was announced by the shouting at Llugwy - then a car containing the Lord Lieutenant of Montgomeryshire passed followed by the Prince's car. HRH was quickly recognised by all the children who sang to him "God bless the Prince of Wales". All the boys saluted and the girls waved. The Prince repeatedly acknowledged, even turning round in his car to do so."

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