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Derwenlas School 11
The Great War 

  Helping the sick and wounded
Almost every community in the land was touched by the two major wars, and the Log Books of the little village school of Derwenlas show that it too was affected. The extract below was written in 1915, during the Great War.

Derwenlas School
Log Books

County Archives

School log book extract 

This entry was dated 23rd July,1915 and reads:
"Last night I sent away to Mrs Williams Wynn the card for the sick and wounded among our soldiers filled up. The children of this School have in the last few months collected towards other war Funds [such] as Sailors' National Society and Childrens Huts a sum of something like £1."

It is touching to read of these little children of a rural community with very little money to spare collecting for soldiers and sailors at war.

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