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Derwenlas School 2
Deep snow covers the earth

  Exposed to the elements
The village school at Derwenlas served a scattered community in mountainous terrain. It is not surprising that the local weather conditions have featured prominently in the School Log Books over the years.
Heavy snowfalls in 1886 caused typical problems for children from beyond the village, as noted in this poetically phrased entry. 
Derwenlas School
Log Books
School log book entry 
  This entry for 20th December 1886 reads as follows :
"Deep snow covers the earth, the prospect for attendance this week is very poor: hard frost makes the weather bitterly cold."    
  The entry below is from 1963. The "worst in living memory" phrase is to be found elsewhere in the records of the school, usually in relation to floods! 
County Archives
School log book entry 

This comment was noted for early January 1963:
"We are experiencing Arctic conditions, the worst winter for frost in living memory. No water in the School or Canteen."

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