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Derwenlas School 15
Support from the children

Helping the war effort - again !
Just as the children of Derwenlas School had collected for the national war effort in the Great War of 1914-18, so too did the children at school in the Second World War.
On March 10th 1942, the School Log Book entry recorded:
"This is Warship Week, and this afternoon the children will be taken to a free matinee entertainment at the Powis Cinema. The sum of over £120 has already been invested through the School Group." 

An impressive total is noted in the extract of May 10th, 1943, shown below:

Derwenlas School
Log Books

County Archives

School log book extract 

This entry from the log book reads:
"In the "Wings for Victory Week" the children invested the total of £200-5s. This was five times the target aimed at."

On 2nd May, 1944, it was the turn of the soldiers to benefit from the efforts of the children: 

   School log book extract

The entry here records that:
"The School target for "Salute the Soldier" Campaign week is £40."

It is pleasing to learn from the entry recorded on 5th April 1944 that the children were rewarded for their fund raising efforts throughout the war:

  School log book extract 

Here we learn that:
"A number of toys received through American Red Cross."

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