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Derwenlas School 18
Empire Day 

  The great responsibility of Empire
The schoolchildren of Derwenlas, like most schools throughout the country, saw Empire Day as a special event in the school year, not least because it meant an extra half day's holiday !
The entry below from the School Log Books is typical of many such comments recorded on 24th May over many years in the heyday of the British Empire. 
  School log book extract 

The above extract, dated 24th May 1921, reads as follows:
"A half holiday this afternoon in connection with the celebration of Empire Day. A simple lesson was given this morning bearing upon the great responsibility of the Empire at the present time."

The extracts below, from 24th May the following year, 1922, include a rebuke to the unpatriotic Glasbwll children for taking the whole day off !

 Derwenlas School
Log Books

County Archives

School log book extract   
  School log book extract 

These comments read:
"The Glasbwll  children showed themselves most unpatriotic by not thinking it worth their while to attend school in the morning because of the holiday in the afternoon. In future, they will not be told beforehand of a holiday.
Each child brought a fresh egg to school - as an Empire Day gift to the Cottage Hospital."

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