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Death of 'a dear little girl'

  The work of an ill-disposed person
A very moving entry, written in 1884 in the Llangurig School Log Book, is shown here. It tells of malicious damage to the property of a child who had recently died of diptheria.

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School log book entry 

The entry was dated 3rd October,1884 and reads:
"An incident - painful to the teacher - has occurred this week. It must have been the work of an ill-disposed person. I hardly think it was done by one of the scholars. The Atlas that belonged to a dear little girl - Anne Jones - who died of diptheria a few weeks ago was found concealed amongst some things on the back of the gallery in the Class-room with several of the maps covered with ink to such an extent that as an Atlas the book is worthless. I endeavoured to show the children the wrong of such an action whatever the object was in doing it."

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