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Llangurig School 6
Locked out for lateness

  Farmers cannot be punctual
Although absence from school is a major concern revealed in the School Log Books over the years, lateness also features strongly.

 Llangurig School
Log Book

School log book entry   

This entry from 29th May,1896 complains:
"Late coming is a nuisance which is as prevalent as ever. The hindrance to progress this bad habit causes is frequently pointed out to parents and children. The response to the master's complaint on this score is met by 'Oh, farmers cannot be punctual' ."

One of the ways of trying to cure lateness at Llangurig School is shown below. 

County Archives
School log book entry 

This entry was written on 5th April,1878 and reads:
"Two scholars on finding the school door locked at 9.15 went and spent the morning at some house in the village. I punished them in the afternoon for playing truant. The door is usually locked from 5 minutes past nine until 9.30; then the late scholars are admitted." 

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