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No girls knew how to cook !

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A revealing and amusing little note from the Llangurig School Log Books is shown here. None of the girls in the class of 1880 could answer the question on how to cook food, but one of the boys came up with several ways !

 Llangurig School
Log Book

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School log book entry   

This entry was written on 19th November,1880 and it reads:
"There was not a girl in the first class that could answer the following question: How is food cooked ? The only one in the school that answered it was Matthew Mills who gave several ways in which his mother cooked."

There are often many entries in early school log books which, to today's readers, seem very funny although they were meant as serious records of events. School records can often entertain as well as provide a fascinating feel for the times.

  School log book entry 

This entry,from 18th October,1889, reads:
"Gave a lesson on the Cat. Borrowed a neighbour's cat which behaved pretty well".
Such 'object lessons' seem to have been a regular feature of schooling in early schools. An entry from December 1901 in the log book records that "some of the subjects of lessons given during the week are Feet of Birds, Ivy, and Congo".

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