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Llangurig School 10
Dangerous games in the 1880's

  Beware of low flying horseshoes
It seems that school playgrounds have always been potentially hazardous places for children, and for teachers too!
In these entries from the Llangurig School Log Books there are warnings to the children about two of their games.
Llangurig School
Log Book
School log book entry 
  The entry shown above was written on 27th May,1881 and reads:
"The boys of the first class brought horse shoes with which to play quoits. I showed them the danger of such a game if played in the playground, and told them not to bring them again".
The game of quoits involves throwing rings, or in this case horseshoes, so that they land around posts or sticks stuck in the ground. Iron horseshoes are much more dangerous than rubber rings for projectiles!
County Archives
School log book entry

This entry is from 9th December,1884:
"Today (Thursday) I forbade the use of bows and arrows in the Playground fearing an injury might be done to some of the scholars".
The teacher was probably right!

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