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Illness and death

  Closed for three months
Serious illness and epidemics have clearly been a major concern for many schools in the early days, when the living conditions and diet of many children were affected by rural poverty. Many references to absences through illness, and sadly,occasional deaths are to be found in the Llangurig School Log Books.
 Llangurig School
Log Book
School log book entry 
  The above entry is from 28th July,1898 and it refers to the closure of the school for almost 3 months:
"The school has been closed for nearly three months by order of the Medical Authority. The attendance both before and after the closure was affected injuriously by the prevalence of epidemics." 
County Archives
School log book entry 


A tragedy recorded on 30th May,1879 is shown above:
"On calling the register this morning (Monday) I was very sorry to hear the answer that Ann Owen was dead. She died on Saturday last after two hours illness."
The cause of this little girl's death is not named, but other references to illnesses and epidemics over the years mention diptheria, scarlet fever, whooping cough and measles. Another tragic death, from diptheria, is shown on the next page.

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