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A strong smell of tobacco !

  'It did not make him look manly !'
An early example of a problem familiar to schools everywhere over the years, and no less of a problem today, is shown here. This is an entry from the Llangurig School Log Book of 1879. 

 Llangurig School
Log Book

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The teacher was obviously pleased with his detective work when he recorded this entry in the log book on 28th March,1879:
"On going into school on Tuesday after dinner I thought from the strong smell of tobacco that someone must have been smoking in school. On making enquiries I failed to ascertain the name of the offendor. However I made no searching enquiry and let the matter pass with a determination to catch the guilty party next noon. The next day I went into school unexpectedly and found that the same offence had been committed. E.S.Griffiths, who happened to be in the school at the time, was charged with smoking in school; he did not deny it. Showed him how bad an example it was to set to younger children and that it did not make him look manly". 

A later log book entry dated 26th September,1908 noted "Several boys were caned for smoking in the porch on 22nd instant at noon. A lesson on the injurious effects of smoking was afterwards given".

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