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Prisoner of war

  Missing after Dunkirk
In May,1941 the Llangurig School Log Book recorded the good news that a former pupil of the school who had been missing for a year after the Dunkirk battles was safe and well as a prisoner-of-war. 

 Llangurig School
Log Book

County Archives

School log book entry   School log book entry

This entry of 16th May,1941 reads:
"During the week we were all delighted to hear that Alfred Meredith (an old pupil) was a prisoner of war in Germany. It was twelve months almost to the very day since his parents at Blaen y Glyn had heard from him. After the retreat from Dunkirk they were officially informed that he was missing, probably killed".

The end of this long war in Europe was recorded in the log book. 

  School log book entry 

The entry for 8th May,1945 reads:
"Today is VICTORY IN EUROPE DAY; official news was received over the wireless at 3P.M from the Right Honourable Winston Churchill, Prime Minister, that Germany had offered unconditional surrender to the Allies. School closed all day."

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