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Llangurig School 5
The 'so-called' attendance officer 

  A thankless task
The job of the attendance officer, who had the task of trying to get children to turn up regularly for school lessons, seems to have been fairly thankless. The extracts below are from the School Log Books of Llangurig Board School. 
Llangurig School
Log Books
School log book entry. 
  The above entry is dated 26th April,1895 and states:
"Parents laugh when the attendance officer puts in an appearance". 
County Archives
School log book entry. 
  There didn't seem to be much respect forthcoming from the teachers either, as shown by the comments above and below.
The first is from 26th April,1895 and reads:
"Our so-called attendance officer did not come, as he was instructed to do on Sat 20th inst. for the list of absentees."  
County Archives
School log book entry. 

The above remarks were noted on 28th March,1902:
"I told the Attendance Officer that his services were of little value so far as this school is concerned, the percentage of the attendance being very little higher than it was when he was appointed to the post."

As if these humiliations were not enough, there is even a record of the attendance officer being hit by a stone thrown by one of the pupils. This was in September 1885 and "he was so much stunned by the blow that for some time he was unconscious".

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