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Llangurig School 16
Lesson:How to deal with bombs

  The Second World War
Despite being in a relatively safe rural location, the village school at Llangurig was not untouched by times of war.
The school roll included a number of evacuees from areas at risk of bombing, and as shown in the entry below from the School Log Book, the children were made aware of potential dangers during the Second World War.

 Llangurig School
Log Book

School log book entry   

This entry was written on 3rd March,1941:
"In the afternoon, PC [police constable] Parry, Llangurig, visited the School and gave the Top Class children [a] valuable demonstration on how to deal with incendiary bombs and how to manipulate a Stirrup pump".

The arrival in May 1941 of some school desks salvaged from schools near Liverpool which had been bombed must have served as a reminder of the threat.

County Archives
School log book entry   
  This entry of 30th May,1941 recorded:
"We received today through the Authority 4 Dual Desks as part of a consignment from the Birkenhead Schools that had been destroyed through enemy action."
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