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One penny a week 

  Money, money, money
Finding money to pay for schools, particularly in areas affected by rural poverty, has caused many problems over the years. The Llangurig School Log Books include many entries on the issue.
Llangurig School
Log Book
School log book entry 
  This example is from 2nd November,1889 and reads:
"Threatened to carry out instructions of Board with reference to the non-payment of School Fees - viz - to send home all who come without them. Some parents say they will not pay them". 
County Archives
School log book entry 
  One week later, a log book entry of 8th November,1889 reads:
"Received instructions from Board to charge in future 1d [one penny] weekly for scholars under 5 years old - others 2d. Ann Griffith's bill of 4/8 [4 shillings and 8 pence] has been reduced to the half". 
  School log book entry 

A note of despair in this entry dated 27th May,1887:
"Much more paperwork should be done to make the scholars expert in the use of the pen: but ex.bks. [exercise books] cannot be had without money, and many of the parents will not buy them."

On the subject of school costs, an entry in the log book dated 17th February,1882 noted "A Petition to reduce the Teacher's Salary signed by a great many ratepayers was laid before the Board at their last meeting. The Board came to no decision on the matter."

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