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Llangurig School 2
In very good order

  Examination a pleasure
Although the teachers have recorded some less encouraging remarks in the Llangurig School Log Book over the years, the annual reports of the School Inspectors were often highly complimentary, as in this example from 1881.

 Llangurig School
Log Book

County Archives

School log book entry   
  This extract from the report was written on 19th November,1881:
"The scholars are in very good order, and the care and quickness with which they do their work make it a pleasure to examine them. The neatness of the paperwork and the intelligence shown by the children deserve special praise." 
  This report is a bit different from the teachers comment shown here, and noted earlier in the very same year.
  School log book entry 
  This was written on 22nd April,1881 and reads:
"The fourth strand do their work so badly that I sometimes despair of ever getting them to do anything creditably."
It would appear that things had improved considerably by the time of the visit of the School Inspectors !  
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