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Hay and the Wye valley
Victorian maps
  Maps of places around Hay  

Queen Victoria's reign saw the first properly surveyed maps being published. The Ordnance Survey is the government department which undertakes this work. By comparing these maps made at different times we can see the way in which these communities developed

Choose from the list below. You may find it useful to compare these old maps with a modern Ordnance Survey map of the same area to see what changes have occurred. Unfortunately we cannot put these on our website.

Llyswen around 1840
Llyswen in 1887
Boughrood around 1840
Boughrood in 1887
Boughrood bridge in 1840
Boughrood bridge in 1887
Llowes around 1840
Llowes around 1900
Hay around 1836
Hay in 1887
Glasbury in 1887


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