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  Boughrood in 1887  

Below is a detail of a large scale map based on the Ordnance Survey map made at a scale of 25 inches to 1 mile. By comparing it to the map of the hamlet in 1840 we can see that not a great deal has changed in the village but there have been some changes.


Map of Boughrood in 1887
  1 The stream past Boughrood Court has had a weir added creating a pool by the outbuildings. Perhaps this was used to power a mill on the site.  
  2 The earlier Tithe Map shows a lane going right around the church yard with a house on the North Western side. This 1887 map shows the road only now going on the Eastern side of the churchyard, and the house appears to have gone completely!  
  3 The biggest change of all to the area is the coming of the railway. Here you can just see a small section of the Mid Wales railway passing through the corner of the map. There was a tiny station just below the village which meant local people could go by train up through Builth, Rhayader and Llanidloes into Mid Wales, or travel down the line to Brecon, or off into England and the great network of railways across Victorian Britain.
  Compare with the map of Boughrood in 1840  

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