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Llandrindod and district
Taking the waters
  Llandrindod for health and recreation  
  The Victorians were not the first to discover the benefits of drinking and bathing in natural mineral waters, for it was popular in Roman times !
But they did a great deal to make 'taking the waters' fashionable and very popular.
The arrival of the steam railways made it much easier for working people to travel to the inland spa resorts which had previously been restricted to the better off.
Llandrindod Wells became, for many years, a busy holiday centre which drew large numbers of summer season visitors from many parts of England and Wales.
Rock Park
Summer visitors in the Rock Park,
Llandrindod Wells.
The early days
Tasting the water
Parcelling up the land for sale
Top hats on holiday
The Old Pump House
A stroll in the Rock Park
Cold water in every room !
Taking the train, then the waters
The Pump House Hotel
Messing about in boats
Taken for a ride
A jolly time in Llandrindod

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