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Taking the waters
  By train to take the waters  

After the Central Wales Railway first line reached Llandrindod Wells in 1865 it became possible for many more visitors to come, to stay, and to sample the mineral waters.
Hotels and boarding houses were built to provide accommodation for them, and most were keen to advertise how close they were to the railway station and to the mineral springs.
The example shown below is a bit of a cheat, because the Belmont Hotel was really in Tremont Road, at the farthest end of Station Crescent from the station !

The Belmont
Lodging House
and the
London House

around 1890
Hotel advertisement, 1890
This is from an advertisement in a visitor's guide to the town published around 1890. It shows how important the railways were to the hotels and lodging houses in Victorian times.
Not many hotels would want to show a railway station so close to their premises these days !

The new railway line was to provide much easier access to mid-Wales to huge numbers of people firstly from the rapidly growing industrial areas of the north of England and the Midlands, and after 1868 from South Wales.
The charming (but not very accurate !) little drawing above is from 'Evans's Illustrated Guide to Llandrindod Wells - Price ninepence', which was published around 1890. This advertisement includes Llandrindod Wells Station as one of the attractions of the guest houses which were "conducted by" Mrs and Miss Bufton at the time. Their accommodation was "Close to, and conspicuous from, the Railway Station". But not as close as they claimed !

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