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Taking the waters
  Cold water in every room !  

As well as the large and well-equipped hotels in Llandrindod Wells during its busy Victorian years, there were also many small guest houses and 'furnished apartments' for visitors. These were much the same as the 'Bed and Breakfast' or B&B establishments in holiday areas nowadays.
The photograph below shows some of the very formally dressed guests outside the 'Park House Boarding Establishment', probably around 1895. No shorts or baseball caps here !

Park House,

around 1895

The owners of many guesthouses claimed in their advertisements that they were near the mineral springs or the railway station. Or, like the one shown to the right of the photograph above, midway between the two ! See another example of using the nearness of the railway station on the next page in this section.

Some of the other features advertised in Victorian times seem less likely to attract holidaymakers these days. How about "Well ventilated rooms" (which means cold and draughty !) or "Piano. Hot and Cold Baths" !
The cold baths were just another part of the very strict routine that many of those who went to 'take the waters' insisted upon. Rather them than me !

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