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Llandrindod and district
Taking the waters
  Early visitors to Llandrindod Wells  

The mineral waters of the area had been known about and used on a small scale from a very early date, and Llandrindod Hall took hundreds of visitors from 1749 until around 1789.
After that early bit of local enterprise,though, the previous pages have shown that much of the area remained pretty bleak and empty until the 1860s.
But some places had been catering for people who wanted healthy surroundings and the benefits of the local mineral waters for some time, such as this old farmhouse...

Farm House,
Victorian visitors
Never go on holiday without your top hat !
Even the lady
holding the baby is wearing one !

This is an interesting old photograph which was taken on 18th August 1869. (It makes a nice change to have such a precise date for an early picture, because it usually needs detective work - andPortion of early map sometimes guesswork - to date many of them !)
The picture shows a house called 'Trefonen' which was said to have provided restful breaks for "country gentlemen and clergymen" for "the past century" !
You can see Trefonen near the top of the 1833 map section on an earlier page. This area was later developed and became part of the expanding town, to the north east of the centre. Nothing remains of the old farmhouse.

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