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  The Pump House Hotel  

The old photograph below was not in very good shape after Part of advertisement all these years, but it gives a very good idea of the popularity of the 'holiday resort' of Llandrindod Wells in the late Victorian years.
This was a (well behaved !) queue of customers lining up outside the Pump House Hotel. We are not sure if they were waiting to sample the mineral waters or for a concert or other event inside the hotel, which was near Llandrindod Lake.

The Pump
House Hotel

Pump House Hotel

The impressive looking tower on the right was the baths and pump house belonging to the hotel. Although the Pump House Hotel has now gone, most of the attractive old pump house still remains.Advertisement for hotel
The wooden structure on the left of the picture was a small bandstand, used to entertain visitors on the lawns in front of the hotel.
There is a photograph of the original hotel in the 'old pictures' section of this website. The headquarters of Powys County Council now stand on the site.

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