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Llandrindod and district
Taking the waters
  A walk in the park  

This photograph gives a very good idea of the rather formal but leisurely way in which Victorian visitors to Llandrindod Wells spent much of their time in the district during the heyday of the fashion for 'taking the waters'.
This shows an attractive pavilion in the Rock Park surrounded by people sitting in the sunshine or strolling towards the mineral springs to drink the waters.

Rock Park

around 1900
Visitors in Rock Park

The little invalid carriage on the right in the picture above is also typical of the times, since many visitors were either quite elderly or infirm, and probably hoped to improve their health during their stay. Most were pulled by small ponies, but this one seems to be donkey-Queen Victoria in donkey cartpowered ! You can see more of these vehicles ready for hire in Llandrindod Wells on another of these pages.

Queen Victoria often used a small donkey carriage to ride around the estate at Balmoral Castle in her later years, so it was obviously a very acceptable form of transport ! The above picture of her was taken in 1895.

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