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Taking the waters
  The Old Pump House  
The picture on the right is the spa version of the seaside comic postcard ! The caption says 'Taking the waters - take it away !'
It has been claimed that the saline and sulphur springs in Rock Park in Llandrindod were discovered by accident when a deep hole was dug in August 1867 for the central pole of a large tent. The tent was to be used for an auction sale of local plots of land, but the special water started to come out from the bottom of the hole.
This version may not be true, but it is a nice story !
Proper test drillings led to the source of the water and greatly increased the value of the land !
Victorian postcard
Old Pump
House in the
Rock Park
Engraving of Old Pump House

An early engraving of the original Pump Room and Bath House in the park is shown here.
Three different kinds of water, saline (salt), sulphur, and chalybeate (iron), were found quite close together in the Rock Park. These were claimed to provide different benefits to health and were recommended for a wide range of ailments.
The attractive engraving above shows Victorian visitors to Llandrindod Wells parading around the Rock Park in their fine outfits.

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