Victorian Powys for primary  schools
Powys Digital History Project
Hay and district
in Victorian times
  Some Victorian views of Hay  

These pages will show some early photographs of Hay and the district around the town.
Just click on the small pictures below to get to a page with a larger version of the scene and some background information.

  Chain Alley Chain Alley
Newport Street
around 1880
High Town
High Town
in Hay
around 1885
  High Town
in Hay
around 1885
Performing bear,1900 Performing bear
at the Blue Boar
Inn around 1900
  Market day
in Broad Street
early 1900's
Black Swan Inn The Black Swan
Inn, Broad Street
around 1895
  Broad Street c1900 Broad Street
in Hay
around 1900
Wesleyan Methodist
chapel, Brecon Road
around 1880
  Children from
the Church School
in Hay, 1895
Victorian archers
at Hay Castle
  Castle Street, Hay Castle Street
Hay, pictured
in 1900
Castle Street, 1885 Old shops in
Castle Street,
Hay, 1885


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