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Hay and district
In Victorian times
  The children of Castle Street  

There seem to be an unusually large number of children in this early photograph of Castle Street in Hay !
This was taken looking north-east along Castle Street towards Castle Square and High Town, in 1900.


Castle Street

Castle Street in 1900
with thanks to
Eric Lewis Pugh
of Hay

Much of the old centre of the market town of Castle Street, HayHay still looks much the same as it did in the old Victorian photographs, apart from the usual modern things like traffic signs and yellow lines on the road !
The small picture shown here was taken in 1999 from almost the same spot as the old photograph above.

In many old towns like Hay you can often get a much better idea of how it must have looked in earlier years by looking above the ground floor. Many shops and other buildings are now very different at street level, but little changed above.

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