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Hay and district
In Victorian times
  The Black Swan Inn  

This is an early photograph of Broad Street in Hay as it looked around 1895. There is something about it which makes it look more like a painting than a photograph !
The lamp posts on the left hand side of the road were used for lighting the street by gas lamps, which were in use in the town by 1841.

Broad Street
Broad Street, Hay ,c1895
with thanks to
Eric Lewis Pugh
of Hay

The Town Clock, which was built in 1880 at the end of Broad Street, is just out of the picture on the left in this view.Broad Street, Hay
The building on the right was then the Black Swan Inn, on the corner of Broad Street and Bridge Street.

The near side of the street in the early picture was filled with livestock on market days, as you can see on one of the other pages in this series.

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