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Hay and district
In Victorian times
  The archers at the castle  

This Victorian photograph shows the Wyeside Archery Club grouped together for their portrait in the orchard of Hay Castle.
Archery was a very popular sport among the gentry in these times, and Archdeacon Bevan, the vicar of Hay, supported it when he was living at the Castle.

with thanks to
Eric Lewis Pugh
of Hay
Archery Club
at Hay
Archery Club, Hay

The Victorian curate and diarist the Reverend Francis Kilvert often took part in the sport at Hay Castle, and there are many references to archery in his famous 'Kilvert's Diaries'.
The former orchard attached to Hay Castle, where this picture was taken, was in a field below the castle which is now the site of the main car park for the town of Hay.

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