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Llanidloes National School
A great deal of caning, 1879

  Complaints to the managers
Corporal punishment was routinely administered in schools until relatively recent times. An entry in the School Log Books from 26th April 1879 noted that:
"Discipline as usual not good, a great amount of talking going on which a great deal of caning did not stop".
It is perhaps not surprising, therefore, to find the following entry in 1900.
School log book entry 

This was written on 15th November 1900, and it reads:
"At a Managers' meeting held this afternoon I was instructed to inform you that they have received complaints about the infliction of punishment on school children, and have reason to believe that the complaints are not altogether groundless".
The same entry also noted that "several children have gone to the Board School in consequence".
These complaints seem to have resulted in official letters issuing reminders to teachers about the strict rules relating to corporal punishment.

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