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Llanidloes National School 16
Black-outs and bombs, 1939-44

  Lights out in Llanidloes
The impact of war on a rural community was again reflected in the School Log Books during the Second World War. Although Llanidloes was a relatively low risk area for bombing, and the schools of mid-Wales included many children evacuated from high-risk cities including London and Liverpool, the area was still required to have no lights showing after dark.
National School
Log Book
School log book entry 
  This log book entry is from 6th December 1939 and reads:
"As no artificial light is to be used in the school owing to the "black-out" order, school will in future begin the afternoon session at 1.15 and close at 3.30".
Another reminder of the war from a 1944 entry. The relatively remote and hilly terrain of Montgomeryshire, like other areas of Wales, was ideal for military training. This gave rise to potential dangers for local children.
County Archives
School log book entry 

From 13th January 1944, this entry reads:
"Captain Stephens, R.A [Royal Artillery] 124 O.C.T.U [Officer Cadet Training Unit] R.A Llandrindod Wells, attended and addressed children (aged 9-12) on the dangers of picking up strange objects in the area now used as a training ground. Various bombs, and other explosives were exhibited, and the children warned against them".

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