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Clean,cheerful,chattering children !

  Answers never excelled
The day to day diaries of school life in the early days of formal education as recorded in School Log Books usually include a mixture of criticism and compliments. The favourable remarks usually come from the School Inspectors and the unkind ones from the teachers !
  School log book entry 
  An amusing Inspector's comment, noted in the log book on 10th November 1885, is shown above and reads:
"The children are clean and cheerful, but rather inclined to chatter".
National School
Log Book
School log book entry 
  The above entry is from an Inspector's report, dated 14th February 1880:
"The answers of the elder boys in Physical Geography and of the elder girls in Domestic Economy have never been excelled at any examination held by me in these Subjects".
County Archives
School log book entry 

The reference to 'Domestic Economy' in the school report is a reminder of the very limited career expectations of girls at this time, emphasised in the above entry from the National School log book, dated 2nd September 1910 which reads:
"On Tuesday morning a class of Girls (18) commenced Lessons in Cookery, Laundry and Housewifery". 

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