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Llanidloes National School 13
A death before Christmas, 1895

  A terrible and fatal accident
A sad entry is to be found in the early records of the National School, Llanidloes as written in the School Log Books.
This concerns the accidental death of a young boy from the most junior class of the school. It seems that this was the result of playing, as boys have always been tempted to, in some local derelict buildings in 1895.
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School log book entry 

This unhappy event was recorded on 13th December 1895. The death of a young child so close to Christmas must have made the loss even greater for his family and friends. The entry reads:
"On Tuesday about 12.00pm a terrible and fatal accident occurred. John Henry Morris a First Class boy in the School being killed by the falling of a chimney in some dilapidated cottages near the school".

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