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Llanidloes National School 12
Fever on the increase, 1881

  Controlling the epidemics
All of the early schools were to suffer greatly from the spread of various epidemics amongst their pupils, including scarlet fever, diptheria, measles, mumps and whooping-cough. The School Log Books regularly record absences and official orders to close schools to control the spread of illnesses.
National School
Log Book
School log book entry 
  The fairly typical entry shown above is from 11th November 1881:
"The fever seems to be again on the increase. There are ten fresh cases since school re-commenced".
With frequent epidemics there are also some deaths among the children, as seen in the entry from the previous year shown below.
County Archives
School log book entry 

This sad entry is from 9th October 1880 and reads:
"One of the girls of 4th Class has died from Scarlet Fever and is to be buried today".
The death of another little girl in December of the same year appears a few pages later in the book, and an entry dated 13th June 1886 referred to an alarming number of school closures on health grounds:
"Schools reopened having been closed 34 times. About 50 children still absent on account of sickness. Three boys have found work and left school during the time the schools have been closed".

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