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Getting into disorder in 1880

  Pupil teachers of very little use
The behaviour of the children in school was inevitably a recurring topic in the School Log Books over the years.
The use of older children to act as 'pupil teachers' in 1879 does not seem to have been a great success, as noted in the entry below.
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Log Book
School log book entry 
  On 18th January 1879 the head teacher writes:
"..My two female Pupil Teachers are of very little use - they are continually allowing their classes to get into disorder".
In the following month he wrote:
"School rather noisy, owing to my P.T's [pupil teachers] being small and young and therefore unable to keep their classes in good order".
County Archives
School log book entry 

An amusing reference to the pupil teachers appears in the log book in the following year, as seen above. This was dated 20th March 1880:
"The pupil teachers have all attended to their lessons every day this week, a rather pleasing fact to record because we seldom have the chance of doing so".

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