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Llanidloes National School 17
Dancing in the streets, 1945

  Victory in Europe Day
A very special entry in the Llanidloes National School Log Books is shown below. This was recorded in 1945 to mark V.E Day (Victory in Europe), the end of the hostilities in this theatre of the Second World War
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School log book entry 

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School log book entry 

Written on 8th May 1945, the entry reads:
"Very few children presented themselves at School this morning - not more than 30 in all, of the 171 on books. A Radio broadcast the previous evening announced that today and tomorrow would be regarded as national holidays. School was therefore closed for two days. School reopened this morning with 32 children present (18%). Several of these had joined in the general rejoicings the previous day and evening, and had been dancing in the streets until the early hours of the morning. The attendances were cancelled".

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