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Parents take action


A school strike
As had been experienced earlier by the parents at Coelbren School, the proper construction of passable roads fell a long way behind the building of houses in the community. The parents at Caehopkin also felt strongly about sending their children out on muddy roads in all weathers, as can be seen in this entry in the School Log Books from 1920.

Caehopkin School
Log Books

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 School log book entry


The entry reads:-
"The inhabitants of Brooklands Terrace, Abercrave held a public meeting on Sunday 14th inst. at which a resolution was passed to the effect that parents should desist from sending their children to school until the road is properly repaired alleging that the children wet their feet daily on the way to school. Eleven parents conformed and a "school strike" was declared. Summonses were issued to each head of family on Tuesday morning at the instance of the District Committee".

in the winter
of 1999

As was usually the case, the local education officials seem to have acted very quickly to force parents to comply with their legal obligation to send their children to school. At the same time one can sympathise with the anxieties of the parents who are forced to send small children out in all weathers, with possibly inadequate footwear in times of sickness and disease. 
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