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Caehopkin School 7
Health problems


Sickness and disease
As with Coelbren School, absence through illness was to be a constant problem in the early years of the school's history. With a poor diet and primitive sanitary conditions, children from poorer homes were prone to illness. With no antibiotics to fight disease, outbreaks of illnesses which rarely pose a problem today could spread quickly and represent a real danger
In the second week of the schools existence in 1915, children from homes with chicken pox were excluded from attending, and the school was closed altogether on several occasions.

Tragedy strikes
In July 1919 the Head Teacher records with obvious sorrow a tragedy brought upon a pupil of the school by disease. 

Caehopkin School
Log Books

County Archives

School log book entry School log book entry

The entry reads:-
"It is with much regret that scholars and teachers learnt of the death of Johnnie Evans, a standard Five pupil, after an illness extending over five weeks. He was a regular attendant and a very well-conducted lad, excellent in his work, and giving no trouble whatever to his teacher. A school subscription list has been opened to send a wreath to the funeral which pupils and teachers will attend as a last token of affectionate regard. (4.30pm on Wednesday) 

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