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Caehopkin School 4
A celebration


St David's Day 1916
From the start Caehopkin school seems to have included much teaching in the Welsh language and in this activity we see both the language and culture being celebrated.
The number of parent involved and the presence of representatives of the major employer in the area shows both how successful the school had been at establishing itself at the heart of the community,and how influential the colliery was in local life.

Caehopkin School
Log Books

County Archives

 School log book entry

The entry reads:-
"Several Welsh Patriotic Recitations by "Gwili", "Talhaiarn", "Eifion Wyn", Glan Padarn" etc. were tendered by the scholars and the "Investiture" of the Prince of Wales and the "Legend of the Leek", were performed in character. About thirty parents were present besides several other local people. Messrs D.J. Davies, Colliery Manager, and T.J. Davies and R.J. Davies, Colliery Proprietors, were also present".

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