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Caehopkin School 2


The new school opens
On 5th January 1915 the new Caehopkin School opened. The image below is the entry for this first day in the School Log Book. Keeping a record in these books of what went on at the school was a legal requirement, and we can learn much from this source about life at the time.

Caehopkin School
Log Books

County Archives

School log book entry


The entry reads:-
"I, Thomas Davies Griffiths, Certificated Teacher, took charge of the Mixed Department of the Caehopkin new Council School this morning. As there was no formal opening as is customary when institiutions of this kind are opened, I addressed the scholars after assembly, impressing upon them the importance of regular and punctual attendance, strict attention to duties and implicit obedience, and of their relations to each other, and to the general repute and success of the school."

The Head Teacher Mr Griffiths is obviously aware that he will have a struggle establishing regular attendance and good behaviour in these first weeks and months.

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