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Caehopkin School 9
Times of hardship


Employment problems
In May 1917 the Head Teacher is recording, in the School Log Books, the insecurity of local employment and its effect on the community and school. "Several pupils have left lately owing to the irregular working of the local collieries, the parents seeking employment elsewhere".
When one industry provides the bulk of the employment in a community, any fluctuations can have a dramatic effect. The following extract from May 1921 records another time of hardship.

Caehopkin School
Log Books

County Archives

 School log book entry


The entry reads:-
"Several children have been kept at home today to carry coal from the mountain side where the local miners on strike have made borings for coal. Illness is very prevalent including many skin eruptions".

It is hardly surprising that when the children's diet is hit by genuine hardship, skin disease should strike.

Caehopkin School in 1920. The Headmaster is on the right with his female colleagues opposite.

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of Mrs Davies

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