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Inter-school rivalry
On July 2nd 1915 the Head Teacher recorded a serious incident involving stone throwing outside school hours by four of his pupils. It appears in this case he was happy to bring this to the attention of the parents of the culprits and let them deal with it.

Caehopkin School
Log Books

County Archives

School log book entry


The entry reads:-
"Complaints were received this morning to the effect that four pupils were throwing stones at an Intermediate School Pupil last night resulting in his being badly injured on the bridge of his nose."
The Head also records "sham-fighting" with Abercrave School pupils which took on an extra dimension when they were fought out with sticks and stones as "Germans v British".

A troublesome pupil
In April 1918 the Head records the particular difficulty he had had with one Stephen Lewis. Teachers in 1999 would probably recognise the problem as common to schools today.

School log book entry

The entry reads:-
"Stephen Lewis, a most nasty-tempered and insubordinate boy had to be punished this morning again for deliberate and wilful disobedience and insubordination. He is giving the master endless trouble and sets a most bad example to the class". 

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