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Coelbren School 6
A developing community


A time of change
The second edition Ordnance Survey map shown below shows how the community of Coelbren had grown around the turn of the century. The Ffosddu colliery has opened just across the railway and a number of houses have been built to accommodate the workers and their families.
The new school stands next to the railway, and a chapel has been built for the community. (To compare with the settlement around 1890, see Coelbren School 1)

around 1920

From the
2nd Edition
Ordnance Survey
6" Map

County Archives

Coelbren around 1920


In January 1899 seventeen pupils from "The Row" were kept away from the school by their parents who were unhappy at their children coming to school in winter conditions on an unmade road. The number of absent children grew and parents refused to allow them to return until a proper road was put down.
After several weeks absence the children returned in March.

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