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Coelbren School 8
The hole in the wall gang

  A well-established school
Numbers at the school at this time were 137, more than double those on roll at the school's opening, but there were only 99 seats and accomodation for 102. Sixteen of the children came from homes in Glamorganshire.
Despite all its difficulties the school was very much at the heart of this growing community, a fact recognised by Mr David Lewis of Coelbren Farm who allowed the children of the school to play in the field adjacent to the schoolyard, a hole being specially made in the wall to allow them access.  
 Photograph by
kind permission of
Coelbren School
Schoolchildren and teachers 

This photograph shows the school around the time of the inspection with Headmaster J. Thomas. Mr Thomas had a fearsome reputation among the pupils and is said to have enforced a rigid code of silence in the school, holding children's fingers near the hot fire bars as a punishment.

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