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Coelbren School 9
The later years

A new extension
In 1912 the school was doubled in size with the opening of a new extension which can be seen (with three chimneys) in this modern photograph. Although this must have greatly improved accommodation at the school, the staff still had to contend with leaks in the buildings, even in the newly opened extension.

The school in 1994

Photograph by kind permission of
Coelbren School

Coelbren School in 1994

Although Coelbren might seem far from the main theatres of the war, Swansea was certainly a target for the Luftwaffe during the Second World War, and the alarm was often sounded at Coelbren as the familiar drone of German bombers could be heard overhead. The school often opened late after a night disturbed by air raid warnings.

In October 1940 the Headteacher admitted 12 children evacuated from the London area. Children also came to the school from Swansea and, in March 1941, 27 children and their two teachers came to the school from Liverpool. In May a further 27 children came from Swansea. All of these city children must have found rural Coelbren unsettling at first, the Liverpool and London children particularly.

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